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Transitions In The Essay

The definition of transition sentence it starts with a transition word and it says roughly what the paragraph is going to be about it is the first sentence in each paragraph of the body so each body paragraph starts with a transition sentence and the rest of the paragraph is made up of evidence evidence is comprised of sentences in the paragraph that state evidence from your sources to support your point this is where you use in-text citations to cite your sources so to be clear evidence makes up all the sentences in your body paragraphs except for the first one which is a transition sentence. Find some examples of good transitions at Edusson.

Let’s look at sample essay one again as an example so here is the first paragraph of the body of sample essay one can you spot the transition word or phrase you got it first of all and you can tell I had my coffee the morning I wrote this because first of all was actually on the first paragraph where it belongs right so now this next question should be easy can you find the transition sentence in this paragraph you got it it’s the blue sentence it starts with the transition phrase and then goes on to say what the paragraph is going to be about no Obamacare expanded access to care it did not ensure quality of care and therefore did not address medical errors so the rest of the sentences in the paragraph are then supposed to provide evidence from the sources for these points and also have in text citations for those sources remember the notes we took during our research let’s look at the last sentence in the paragraph the ACA encourages hospitals to report medical errors but does not require them to do so that was from the politifact article so you can see the in-text citation there for bars that’s how you do it.

So for each paragraph of the body of your essay start with the transition sentence and fill in the rest of the paragraph with evidence from your sources and don’t forget your in-text citations okay time to focus on the last paragraph of the essay the conclusion paragraph I have to start the slide with a warning the other terminology I’ve talked about up until now terms like thesis transition word evidence those are terms that everyone uses when talking about essays but on this slide are a few terms I made up because well they don’t really have an official name so I made up the terms that thesis conclusion in topic sentence conclusion the thesis conclusion is the first sentence in the conclusion paragraph and starts like this in conclusion then in paraphrases the thesis statement so the reader is reminded of what the argument was you are trying to make in the body then the second sentence of the conclusion I called the topic sentence conclusion this is basically just a paraphrase of the topic sentence again you are just reminding the reader of the points you made in the body to support your thesis with evidence.

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