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The Ultimate Revelation Of Robot Don

Notice information Robot Don in your rooms about it okay and before I forget why don’t we take care of your breakfast order and that’s going to be refers and I can sign you up for breakfast in bed from anywhere from a.m. to a.m. and I can sign up by the half hour so do you have a preference and when you’ll enjoy your breakfast tomorrow mm-hmm now we have all kinds of coffee.

As well as teams but we have drip coffee we have French breads we have an American latte espresso cappuccino mocha or selection of teas does any of that sound enticing for breakfast hmm you like to go with French press great choice and that French press is actually good for two and I assume you want that regular not decaf okay okay now for breakfast go ahead and cross up kids made since then it’s not really relevant now make sure you note but this is our back prepaid okay.

so it’ll it’ll all be included at the prepaid rate now you can choose from our special teams are creams and sweets and their sides and I would highly recommend this butter milk pot cake oh you’re welcome to try it we’d like to try okay yes and would you like two of those one of those and one of the Belgian waffle perfect so we’ll get one of each of those okay hmm and I’ll go ahead and just have this hanging on your door my breakfast for tomorrow but if you have any additions.

To me just let me know or when we do it up on your door you’re welcome to make any mistake okay so now that you know I did see a note that you would like to what is it the Timberline Lodge during your stay mm-hmm absolutely I think it’s worth it yeah many people go up to the Timberline to enjoy skiing and winter sports but this step year I really loved it for the architecture for the comfort the fireplaces yes it’s actually quite.

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