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Parts of an Argument Essay

This video is about parts of an argument si this is the five paragraph essay.

The first paragraph to worry about is your intro paragraph it includes four basic parts your hook this is your claims in your counterclaim well you won’t necessarily create the courts in this order we’re going to talk about them in the shorter the code it’s very important for your essay because it’s the part of the essay that is going to actuate it attention from the very beginning.

The hook means to make your reader want to keep reading how do you do this well you can tell a story or an analogy while it connects to your argument you can also provide a starter links or interesting statistic to make sure that a statistic also support your argument you can ask a thought-provoking question that makes your reader begin to consider your topic make sure your question leads your reader to your side of the argument and outside the box find a creative way to grab your readers attention so make sure it connects them back your argument the thesis statement what is it.

The thesis statement is a short statement usually one or two sentences that summarizes the point of your essay but it also has to be available it can’t just be straight up fat can give your thesis statement at the roadmap it’s going to guide you in your writing your claims will come next the claims you include in your intro paragraph need to focus on your thesis and provide support to your thesis the claims need to be factual and they will I do for the rest of your essay you also need to be able to find reliable sources from which to gather evidence support your claims it goes back your claims needing to be fact the 40s it needs to have two strong claims out of bare minimum these claims will become your body paragraphs we’ll talk about those later conditions are going to help you connect your paragraphs and your ideas in your essay without transitions your essay may not make sense or I’ll feel really disconnected.

Here’s some example words to use for transitions in your essay using the same kinds of transition words over and over again it’s a good idea that makes it would fundin and redundant makes for a bad essay there’s some examples of transitions not over you in paragraphs or the body of your essay to the claims you write in your intro paragraph now need its own paragraph in the body of your essay the counterclaim paragraph is separate it reflects an opposing opinion of your thesis and claimants for mine though you’re not supporting the opposing argument you’re merely mentioning it you can argue against it or refute it this is often called a rebuttal where both shows that the opposing sides argument is weak or just plain wrong the counter claim paragraph will continue to provide evidence to support your argument not the opposition’s argument. Concluding paragraph is last usually the last thing you’re right it’s important because it’s the last chance you have to convince your reader your conclusion paragraph needs to restate your thesis remind your reader why your argument is strong to bring your argument or close sources and citations have to be included as well when you use sit when you use sources are two main types of citations to use in an essay parenthetical and the in-text parenthetical citations and in excitations give credit to a source in two different ways and pedicle citations give credit by putting the source in pair in parentheses at the end of the sentence the in-text citations refers to the source it’s part of the sentence itself.

This example is an antithetical citation quoting US Constitution first sentence that’s the quote and there is a parenthetical citation in parentheses outside the paragraphs after the period this is an in-text citation example according to the US Constitution is the citation arrest is actually just part of the essay a really quick review who intro paragraph this includes the hook assistant claims gray body paragraphs through claims and a counterclaim and on your conclusion and those are the basic parts of the five.


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