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All You Need to Know About Cultural Route

It is a cultural-tourist itinerary centered on Roman archaeology embracing at the moment the 4 European regions involved in the project, namely: Emilia-Romagna (I), Bavaria (D), Western Greece (GR) and Bulgaria (BG). The Cultural Route will enable you to visit the cities pointed out in the Peutinger’s Tabula and to discover their Roman heritage in all its aspects. Furthermore, the Cultural Route will enable you to plan a personal tourist  itinerary to discover archaeological  sites, parks and museums, when and along paths  which you prefer,  thanks to a set of historical information and a list of possible places of accommodation.


"Tabula Peutingeriana" Roma caput mundi

Tabula Peutingeriana

This is a fragment of the most antique road map in existence, Peutinger’s Tabula. More precisely, it is the XII century copy of a Roman road map. The incredible thing is that it is the only antique map that can be compared with a 21st century road map.

Our idea was to utilise the same map that the Roman legions used to retrace the steps along the same roads that today we use constantly.
During your cybernetic navigation you can see the same things that the Roman legionnaires saw 2000 years ago.

Peutinger’s Tabula was originally a long parchment map 6.80 metres by 34 centimetres. During the 19th century the map was divided into 11 segments for preservation purposes plus one segment reconstructed in 1916 because the original was lost in the XII century.

The original copy of the Peutinger’s Tabula  is preserved by the National Library of Vienna, partner of the ROMIT project.


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